No Roadmaps Guarantee an Chino Hills Real Estate Agent’s Success

There is an interesting theory about why some Chino Hills real estate agents complete so many more home purchases than do others. It isn’t that ‘success breeds success’ (although the thing we call “momentum” is certainly real enough). It has to do with being able to harness two somewhat opposing character traits.

In any business, there seldom seem to be any irrefutable rules that guarantee prosperity…or if they do crop up from time to time, they don’t work for long. Since that’s the case, it’s odd that there are so many best-sellers proclaiming roadmaps to success. If all those books were simply rip-offs, you would think they’d quickly develop a backlash (which would kill the market for books about succeeding in business).
I’d be willing to bet that the answer lies in the commitment it takes to buy and read the book in the first place. If you don’t finish it, you feel guilty enough that you won’t blame the author. If you do finish the book, you probably already possess the energy and stick-to-it-ness that means you’re more likely to succeed in the first place.

That self-validating quality applies to Chino Hills real estate agents—and most of us would probably place it at the top of the list of what makes a good agent: Persistence. Dogged single-mindedness. Tenacity. They’re traits that true go-getters possess. Those are attributes that don’t reward only real estate agents: they apply in any walk of life. Leaders tend to have them. When others falter, lose faith, or simply run out of steam, success can result from nothing more than simply not giving up.

So what’s the ‘contrary’ attribute that doesn’t automatically belong with that first one? It has to do with teamwork. It’s the ability to make the most of the unique role that a real estate agent plays in the ‘team’ that is created with the client—the one who wishes to sell or buy a Chino Hills home.

Being a true team player is what is called for, because an agent is called upon to play multiple roles. Sometimes it is to act as a crew member, whose greatest attribute will be the ability to listen well and follows the direction of the client (the captain). At other times, the agent has to become the functional team leader—the authoritative voice and consensus-maker. That’s often necessary for the many transactional real estate details. Performing both roles with good cheer and equal vigor calls for someone who relishes team collaboration—who enjoys the rewards that go with team membership. It also calls for the kind of flexibility that makes for a great substitute teacher or a great backup player in any sport. Not a character trait that automatically belongs to a never-say-die individual achievement-oriented performer!

I greatly enjoy what I get to do as a Chino Hills real estate professional. It’s a team effort, all right—one that rewards perseverance with the bona fide thrill of a successful closing. If you’ll be making a real estate transition in the coming months, I hope you will consider me for your team!

This blog post was written by Chris Weilacker and Vivienne Ma top Chino Hills Real Estate Agent you can also check out their reviews at their Real Estate Agent in Chino yelp page.


The Benefits Of Long-Term Real Estate Ownership

Summary: Real estate investment is a rage in today’s world. Going for long term ownership of properties can reap a number of benefits for you. However, you should take care against some unforeseen drawbacks such investments can come with.

A property that generates revenue is one of the best investment options you can go for. Properties can be of various types and can be used for various purposes. You can rent out the place to tenants for a wide array of uses. You can use it yourself and sell it off after a few years. There are a number of benefits you can reap from a real estate. If you are a passive owner, you might hire a real estate management firm who will find an investment property and manage it for you. Investors look for real estates to invest because of several favorable reasons.

Some advantages of owning a property

Long term ownership of real estates can benefit investors in a number of ways –


  • Cash flow – Properties can generate good income for you. Leasing or renting out a property for various purposes like accommodation, ceremonies or special purposes like film shooting, etc. can be a lucrative option for the property owner. It is important, however, to choose a property and its location carefully for renting purposes. Attractive location and features of the property is the key to its overall appeal to prospective tenants.
  • Capital appreciation – any property goes through price appreciation over time. A property bought at present real estate value will appreciate with every passing year. Nobody is sure how one’s financial condition will shape up in the future. A real estate that is steadily growing in value can be a good security for an unforeseen financial calamity that might present itself any moment.
  • Depreciation – One of the benefits of holding long term ownership of real estate is depreciation. Though the property is gaining value with time, the government provides for systematic depreciation of property over its forecasted life-span. Depreciation accounts for a permissible tax deduction. In addition, you, as an investor, can claim the portion of interest on your monthly mortgage payment as a deduction in tax.
  • Leverage – One of the powerful reasons for real estate investment is the benefit of leverage. You can buy properties using borrowed funds which means you have to pay only a fraction of the price of the property at the time of purchase. Essentially, you control the entire property and the equity held by it while paying only a portion of its value. In other words, your purchased property will secure your debt.

Some astute steps

There can be a few disadvantages of long-term ownership of real estate such as liability to maintain and renovate the property from time to time that cause you to incur unexpected expenses. You may be unfortunate enough to have bad tenants who refuse to pay rents on time. Again, your property may cease to generate income due to long periods of vacancy. However, if you are careful in following certain guidelines, you can minimize these disadvantages. First of all, you should have a reasonable expectation as far as cash flow is concerned. You should be aware of all relevant legalities andcomply with rules. You will do good to befriend a lawyer, a banker and a tax professional and join the local landowners’ association to get all types of assistance in times of need.


The Challenge Of Commercial Property Management

Summary: Real estate is a good option for investors. However commercial property management can be a tricky affair. You can rely on professional property management experts to look after all essentials relating to your property.

Investing in real estates and properties can garner rich commercial benefits for the investor. A property can be rented out to tenants for a variety of uses. It can help you in generating cash income. Moreover, a property appreciates in value over time. You can sell your property on a later date and gain substantial profit out of it. It can also serve a security against unanticipated financial crisis. Several other conveniences include tax benefits, leverage benefits, etc. However, managing and taking care of a property and all nuances which come with it may not be an easy job. Thankfully, there are professional real estate management firms that take care of all types of management issues pertaining to your property.

Hurdles faced by commercial property owners

Handling time consuming details of operation and maintenance of any commercial and revenue generating property is done efficiently by these competent management service providers. All the nitty-gritty of commercial property management is administered efficiently by property management firms. Some of the challenges faced by property owners are as follows –


  • Rent collection – You may have a hard time going about collecting rents from your tenants, more so, when you have a number of commercial properties in different places. Property managers work systematically towards collecting all your rents in time.
  • Inspections – Your properties need regular inspection to make sure everything is in place. It might get difficult for you to keep yourself updated about the condition of your properties. Some may need a plumbing work done or others may in need of renovation. Real estate management experts keep a regular check on your properties and notify you from time to time regarding any maintenance issue.
  • Tenants – Getting tenants for your property is one of the main purposes of your purchasing a commercial property. You might not be experienced enough to get suitable tenants. When there are a number of prospective renters applying for a particular property, you might not know who to rent it out. Experienced professionals deal with all types of people day in and day out. They will conduct screenings and approvals of tenants efficiently for you so that you get the most suitable and favorable renters for your properties.
  • Insurance and risk management – All types of property need security against unforeseen crises. Getting your property covered by insurance is essential. But, you might find it difficult know and pick the best policy for your property. Property management experts will analyze your property and arrange for a suitable insurance plan for it.
  • Marketing and Advertising – You want prospective tenants for your property for which it is important to spread the word about your property. Professionals can assist you with the process.
  • Accounting – Expert property managers also look after the complex accounting procedures for your property and the revenue it generates.

To sum it up

Your property can be of any kind be it an apartment, condo complex, multi-family or single family home, retail property or an industrial facility. But, for it to generate revenue in a continuous basis, you need a sound management system. All types of solutions for commercial property management are offered by reliable and affordable property management firms.


Avoid Buying a Chino Hills Home at the Top of Your Price Range

At some point while weighing the pros and cons of buying a new home in town, you begin to mentally fix on a price range. If you are able to depend on a family income that’s fairly predictable, the issue is simplified. If not (small business owners, entrepreneurs, and many sales professionals frequently find themselves in this category), finding an appropriate price range takes careful deliberation.

Sometimes the issue can be decided for you. In most cases, buying a home will involve a mortgage, so lenders get to weigh in. Since it’s a good idea to seek preapproval from a Chino Hills mortgage lender early on, you can let their professional opinion help with the price range.

Let’s say the Martins have been preapproved for a $260,000 home loan. They have $20,000 set aside for a down payment, and are certain to clear another $20,000 once they sell their current home and retire its mortgage (it’s in very good shape in a nice neighborhood, but just too small for their growing family). So it’s good news: they can buy a $300,000 home!

It’s at this point in buying a home that the Martins can also decide to make a decidedly atypical decision. That decision would be to pick a number below their peak eligibility as the top figure in “their” price range, and to shop accordingly. Most folks don’t wind up doing that.

Maxing out your budget and purchasing the most expensive home you can afford is undeniably appealing. The math might tell you that you can afford the monthly mortgage payment, even if buying your new Chino Hills home puts you at the top of your price range. It can mean you get the space and features you’ve always dreamed of. However, there are some sound reasons why buying a home at the top of your price range might not be your best choice—

  1. Additional Expenses

That mortgage amount alone does not take into account the other expenses and financial obligations that come with being a homeowner. Homeowners’ insurance and neighborhood association fees can add to your regular monthly expense, as will property taxes—a considerable figure. If you are moving to a larger property, any maintenance and utility expenses that you’ve grown accustomed to might be greater. If you plan on buying the most expensive home you can, those extra bills might be budget-busters.

  1. Room to Renovate

Even if you’re buying your dream home, chances are very good that you’ll want to make a few changes to the new place. From fresh coats of paint to changes of carpets, appliances, or countertops, changes are a normal phenomenon after buying a home. Even if you’re pleased with the existing aesthetics, you might need additional furniture if the move is into a bigger space. Purchasing at the top of your price range can limit your ability to make needed changes.

  1. Emergency Fund Savings

An emergency fund is a stress-relieving must for homeowners. When the refrigerator fails, the furnace needs to be replaced, or a busted pipe floods the bathroom, you’ll be relieved to have the extra cash. Even true do-it-yourselfers need to call for professional help occasionally. When you purchase a more affordable home, you’ll have extra cash to set aside for emergencies.

One of the greatest benefits of buying a home in Chino Hills is the sense of stability and security it brings. Working with a group of experienced professionals is the surest way to achieve your home buying goals…as well as a sound reason to give me a call!

This blog post was written by Chris Weilacker and Vivienne Ma top Chino Hills Real Estate Agents you can also check out their reviews at their Chino real estate agent yelp page or check out her ActiveRain page here.


Finding Property Management In Riverside, CA

Property owners go through many struggles. One of the most significant is finding a great property management service which is trustworthy and reliable. These days, many property management services are not able to deliver upon the promises that they make to their clients. As a result, properties often fall into disrepair, they are mismanaged, and the client is unhappy. Rather than fall into this type of trouble, the best thing to do is to find the right property management service for your needs. Below is an overview of how to choose a Riverside management service.

Ask Around


The most honest opinion that you’ll ever get regarding a property management service is not through a business’s website or even by looking at online reviews. You’ll find the most honest opinions by asking around. As a property owner, it is likely that you know other fellow property owners. The first step that you should do is to ask around regarding their experiences with management services. At the end of the day, fellow property owners are likely to tell you the truth about which managers are worth hiring and which aren’t. Since you are looking for property management in Riverside, CA, it is best to ask individuals in the local area.

Look Online

If asking around isn’t an option, then an alternative is to look online at reviews. While you should always read reviews with a grain of salt, there are ways to increase the chances that you are reading information that is honest and genuine. The ideal strategy is to view as many third party sources as you can and see what people consistently write about a certain management company. If a management company is good and delivers on the work it promises to provide, then people are going to make it known and they will write about it.

Visit the Company

In addition to asking around and looking online, an additional useful step is to actually visit the management company and meet the team that is going to provide you with management services. Knowing who is working for you and what the employees are like can give you a great deal of insight into the business itself. If things look organized, professional, and in good condition, then you’ve likely found a gem. Be sure the company has experience in the type of property you own; you don’t want a management company specializing in commercial property, for example, if you want it to manage your single-family rental homes.


What Should Be Checked In Move-In Inspections?

Summary – Purchasing and owning a property come bearing certain factors that should be kept in mind. Methodical move in inspections is necessary to ascertain the conditions of premises where you will be living.

While buying an apartment or condo, you need to make a thorough checklist that must include some valid points. Managing revenue generating properties can be a trying task. However, you have to make sure that the realty you are purchasing has optimal facilities or not. Provision of services that match with your prerequisites is an essential factor that you must bear in mind. It is your responsibility to inspect the varied corners of your home and report for anything that is amiss. Inspecting attributes essentially depends on your keen observation and investigation of particular detailing. Before moving to a place, you need to look out for damages that were there from beforehand. You would obviously not want to be castigated for something that you didn’t do in the first place.

Exhaustive, extensive assessment


Inspection of residential units is about ensuring that everything is in place and looks exactly the way it did before. If certain problems that were already present from before need fixing, then you must duly make reports of the same. However, all these inspection and reporting works can be quite tedious if you try and do these on your own. That is why there is an attainability of service providers who will relieve you of this task by making it less complex. If you are a buyer or owner, it is essential to carry out move in inspections. It is a necessary step since it provides you with a clear idea of the premise where you will be staying. It also attests a crucial fact whether the site proffers optimal usability or not. Some other factors to bear in mind regarding inspection can be –

  • Inspection reports of moving in must take place in broad daylight in a presence of a witness as it will lend a clear identification of problem areas.
  • Making sure that the premise’s description matches exactly with its original presentation. Corresponding to the site’s condition depends on a clear mentioning of defects in precise details. Works that might have been carried out previously must be positively stated.
  • A thorough assessment of the interior and exterior facets is an absolute must. It will enable you to assess the damage and its requisite management.
  • Servicers will proffer you with an immense advantage of examining your property extensively. Optimum before and after moving in comparisons is done with precision and finesse.
  • A primary aim of these service providers is to provide your acreage with complete protection. Provision of optimal and efficient customer service is of immense importance.

Proffering of facilities

Procuring a property comes along with numerous factors that you must bear in mind. Service providers will aid you in ascertaining major defect areas. These servicers will also provide an all-inclusive expense that will be needed to fix the damages. Optimum facilitation of serviceability to customers along with affordable rates is primary aspects of an organization. As a homeowner, you have every right to access reports that will ultimately present you with a move-in certification. Usually, organizations that arrange for move in inspections also ensure the facilitation of amenities of diverse range. Fixing of walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, plumbing can be certain attainable services. Facility providers can also arrange for repair works needed in bathrooms, kitchens, electrical and lighting fixtures, appliances, smoke detectors, etc. These essentials are important to consider before buying and moving into any property.


Five Things To Consider Before Buying Property To Rent

Summary – Purchasing landed acreages and then leasing it has been gaining precedence. Before buying property, keep in mind certain attributes for successful investment and earning substantial profit out of it.

Nowadays, it has become a trend of sorts to purchase acreages specifically for renting purpose. A particular advantage of such a facility can be that of gaining stable revenue via rental proceeds. This specific real estate sector has seen resurgence in the past few years. Owning of a property is not child’s play. Generation of an impressive income aside, you have to consider a few factors before settling on a specific property. Renting a buyable property will proffer you with a steady income. However, this sector is a cohesive amalgamation of pros and cons. You need to make wise investments in the real estate sector in order to be on the gaining side.

Factors worth considering

Purchasing acreage and leasing the same is a stepwise procedure. Although, it may seem to be a tedious task initially, there is no dearth of service providers who will ensure that you strike the correct deal. Residential property managers proffer you with reliability and feasibility regarding the optimal handling of your landed property. These facilitators will make use of ideal implementation when it comes to your property investments for rents. In that case, you do not have to bear the stress of dealing with tenants, a collection of rents and maintenance of units. However, there are certain attributes to buying property that are of essential importance. A significant factor is that of getting ideal renters. Procurement of real estate landed properties that you would want to rent depends on aspects like –

  • Optimizing your search-ability is a mandatory factor. There will evidently be an abundance of properties that will be totally worth buying. It is your responsibility as well as the service provider’s to present you with impartial approach when it comes to purchasing landed property. Researching the market thoroughly for viability in options is of utmost significance.
  • Choosing a promising location is another essential aspect. Affordability is prime features that most of your renters will surely want to avail. A primary location has varied advantages like proper amenities along with an idyllic neighborhood. Principally, you have to match the property that you will buy with that of those essentialities that are the requisite of your renters.
  • It is extremely necessary that you allocate some time in giving ample consideration to the costing. Service providers can chalk out a comprehensive rate chart that will include your requisites. It is important to retain the buyable cost of your landed property along with the rent you will get once you lease it out.
  • While you are renting buyable property, it is always ideal to remember the pitfalls and added expenses. Varied corporations make sure to cut the expenditure optimally so that it doesn’t burden your original expense. The money that you will save will be needed for either repair works or fixing of other essentialities.
  • Rental property investing is certainly a worthwhile prospect. However, you must prepare an optimum percentage of rents and stick to the original plan instead of digressing. It is essential to know the average rent rate of the area where you will be buying your property.

Contemplate before buying

Facility providers will ensure optimal return on investments when you are buying property for leasing it for rent. These servicers also relieve you of the quandaries of proper maintenance, tabulating taxes, financial activities, dealing with problem tenants and eviction. These are the some of the very many factors that you need to bear in mind before purchasing property to leasing the same.


Common Pet Policies For Apartment Complexes

Summary – You would evidently want to own or buy an apartment that is affable for your pets. It is crucial to follow necessary pet policies before moving in so that you don’t face any hassle.

Moving into a new apartment or studio flat comes along with lot of responsibilities. There are certain rules and regulations to bear in mind if you buy or own a property. However, there are quite a number of complexes that have strict limitation when it comes to keeping of pets. Reasons can include matters of hygiene, noise, allergic reactions, and damage. Numerous complex apartments will grant you with a permission of keeping domesticated pets that are of a certain age.

Observing pet-keeping guidelines


Varied studio facilities will obviously have different set of regulations when it comes to pet policies. You have to adhere to strict guidelines if you want to keep your pets along with you in your flats. Numerous property managers will proffer you with optimal specification regarding pets in advertisements and the correct handling of the same. Stipulations can range from not allowing aggressive breeds to consenting of keeping small and large animals. Pet-friendly complexes are of utmost importance when you are buying a property. Some policies regarding pets in an apartment can be as follows –

  • Proffering complete information about your pets is of vital significance. The how, when and where are certain considerations that you have to retain when providing obligatory details. It is necessary as you will surely be asked if any past damage to property has been caused by domesticated animals, previously. Scrupulousness is the best policy to follow right from the beginning.
  • Documentation is of vital significance, as well. Registration of pets along with information on veterinary care and shots is an essentiality you have to adhere. It goes on to show that you are a responsible pet owner that will efficiently aid in procuring of an apartment.
  • House training your pet is necessary. Acquiring pet license, abiding by community rules, proper caring of domestic animals are some noteworthy points to remember. Observing your complex’s limit of pet weight is necessary, too. Allowing your pets to roam around in common areas without a leash, completely attended is strictly prohibited. Taking care of your pet’s hygiene and making sure that domesticated animals don’t cause any botheration is your obligation.
  • There can evidently be possibility of paying a security deposit and other additional fees in the beginning. Collection of this fee will happen right before you are moving in an apartment that you own or have bought. It is fundamentally called a pet deposit that will match with the pet addendum policy of the complex.

Pet-friendly communities

Numerous apartment complexes can proffer you with ideal pet amenities that will make things easier for you. Nonetheless, there is no dearth of facility providers who will ensure that your pets are kept safe with utmost care and upkeep. You would obviously not want to move to an apartment building that doesn’t allow pets. Even if you find a congenial community, you must bear in mind that your pets don’t become a nuisance for others. That is why, it is essential to follow pet policies so that you don’t have to face any other predicaments.


Renting In Riverside: A Quick Guide

Summary: While looking to purchase an ideal property for renting in Riverside, you should keep certain practical points in mind and narrow your search accordingly and systematically.

Acquiring a property to let out on rent can be worrisome to many. Whether buying a new rental property or searching for tenants, a lot of work have to be done. You should be very clear in your head about what type of property you want to buy and for what purpose you want to rent it out. The first-time investor may find the task quite a formidable one. Many of you may want a real-estate agent to come to your help in purchasing properties or finding tenants, but it is best to go about it on your own. An agent or broker can cause unnecessary pressure on you and many a time you end up buying a property you do not really like as much or having a tenant who is not likeable for your choices.


Your costs may vary depending on whether you want to manage your property yourself or get it managed by a hired person. If you want to manage your property actively, make sure you buy one near the place you live. However, if you want to have a management company taking care of your property, physical proximity is not much of an issue.

Some Reckonings To Make

Some considerations you should make while looking for the correct rental property are as follows.

  • The neighborhood, where you acquire the rental property, is an important factor that influences both kinds of tenants you expect to get and how frequently there is a vacancy. For instance, if your property is situated in a neighborhood near a college or university, you can expect to have students as your potential tenants. Chances of regular vacancies are fairly high, especially during vacations and session breaks.
  • Property taxes may vary from place to place. High taxes on a property may not be bad if the neighborhood is favorable for long time tenants.
  • Amenities and facilities around your property is an important factor that will be considered by your prospective tenant. Schools, workplaces, important railway stations, roadways, and airports are always on priority list of families looking for properties for renting in Riverside.
  • You should have a fair knowledge about the average rent in the area, where your property is situated. If the average rent is not enough to meet your expenses related to mortgage payments, taxes etc., you might want to keep up with your search.

Financial nuances of renting

Usually, the best properties for renting in Riverside are residential properties or condominiums. Condos require lower maintenance cost and efforts but may garner low rates as well. Riverside has a lot many good neighborhoods, and each of these neighborhoods has nice properties you can invest. When you have zeroed in on the neighborhood, find a property that has the potential for appreciation and good cash flow. A few renovations and cosmetic alterations can attract tenants who will readily pay higher rent. When you find an ideal property to rent out, you should keep realistic expectations. You should make sure your financial condition is healthy and conducive to buying and maintaining the property.